Solid Mechanics Projects

Solid Mechanics Projects normally employ coding in C++ or MATLAB, and many solid forms can easily be analyzed and simulated in software applications such as ANSYS, Abaqus, and many others. Below are the academic and extracurricular projects I have worked on related to this field.

Finite Element Analysis and Simulation of an Advertisement Banner Truss

This Finite Elements Method course project was done in teams of two, and had two parts: firstly, the truss was to be coded in Matlab such that the user could define the size of the truss, and the program would calculate all the forces, stresses and strains accordingly, on every part of the truss. In the second part, an example truss would be simulated and structurally analyzed in Abaqus. The results of the MATLAB program and the Abaqus simulation were coincident. See the FEM MATLAB code in the Programming Projects section.

Design and Analysis of a Microstrain Gauge for Force Measurement in uN range

In this project, we were supposed to design and analyze a micro strain gauge working in micrometric ranges. The project was a Mechanics of Microsensors course project. The design and analysis was done is COMSOL, and its validation with numerical analytical methods was done in COMSOL.

Design and Analysis of a Microstrain gauge in form of a comb drive electrostatic actuator coupled to a capacitive force sensor

In this project, form the same course, we tried to design and analyze a strain gauge in which a comb drive electrostatic actuator was used for applying tensile or compression force on a nanometer-scale specimen, and a capacitive force sensor of similar design was used for force measurement, ultimately leading to strain gauging.