Programming Projects

My programming projects are done mostly in C++, MATLAB, and Python. Some of the items on this list include the codes for projects posted on the previous sub-pages. I am an avid coder besides being a mechanical engineer, and I love the way one can exercise their freedom in design and inspiration, as well as their creativity. I have many more interesting programming projects, but I am planning to publish them all in repositories after refining them a bit. Therefore, soon this page will be deleted, and simply a link to my GitHub page will be demonstrated, along with some snapshots of some of the codes I have written.

Below are the MATLAB codes used without the Robotics Toolbox, for Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of the 6-DOF Robot


The code below determines the shock location within a standard convergent-divergent supersonic nozzle. This was a Gas Dynamics assignment I did in B.Sc.


Below is the MATLAB code for FEA of the truss in the Advertisement Banner project in Solid Mechanics section. A similar code was written for the beam (frame). the results from MATLAB codes were only a few decimals away from that of Abaqus.

New Microsoft Word Document.pdf

Below is the MATLAB code for both parts of the Heat Transfer (1) Project in Heat and Fluid tab.

TOTAL Heat Transfer Project Codes.pdf