"Dream so big that you feel uncomfortable explaining it to ordinary people."


I was born on Jan 28, 1995, in Tabriz, which is the capital city of the East Azerbaijan province, Iran. I was fortunate to be born into a well-educated family. My affinity for English began at a very early age, and I could speak English adequately by the age of 9. In the seventh grade, I took a NODET test, which is a test administered by the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents that would decide who can enroll in its high schools for gifted students. By the 12th grade, I had finished my English studies, learned C++, and earned an ICDL (International Computer Driving License).
I then enrolled in the University of Tabriz, which is a top-5-ranking university in engineering in Iran. I scored high enough on the university entrance test (called 'Konkur' in Iran, similar to SAT) for a tuition waiver. I had always had a profound interest in Math and Physics, as well as computer programming. I had already visited three factories in the Tabriz Western Industrial Compound. I was familiar with the factory environment, and I had witnessed the production and assembly processes in those factories. Alongside this, I familiarized myself with concepts of computer programming and graphics during and after the undergraduate level. For my B.Sc. thesis, I chose to work on the boiling phenomena in porous media, a topic that involved image processing and heat/fluid concepts at microscopic levels. Despite my inherent passion for computer science and fields such as computer vision and artificial intelligence, career opportunities were sparse in my homeland, which forced me to study Mechanical Engineering. Once it became clear to me that I could pursue my dreams abroad, I started studying and doing research in the fields of Robotics, which connects Mechanical, Computer, and Electronics Engineering fields together, further bringing me towards the realm of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
After my B.Sc., despite my passion for continuing education, circumstances forced me to seek full-time employment in the same company I had worked for before as an HVAC systems engineer. My duties were mainly overseeing the installation and maintenance of mechanical components of the HVAC systems in the construction of new buildings. In the meantime, I managed to familiarize myself with concepts of Machine Learning, Robotics, Mechatronics, Control, Nanotechnology, and so forth during my employment. I also managed to find my way into the Advanced Service Robots Lab of the Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies of the University of Tehran as a laboratory assistant a part-time job. As long as I was active in the lab, I partook in many projects, and I managed to co-author a paper in the field of Mobile Robots.
During and after undergraduate studies, I was also a part-time English language instructor at Gofteman institute in Tabriz. I mostly reached young adults at intermediate through advanced levels.
At the moment, I am an M.Sc. student at KOC University. My thesis focuses on using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Physical Human-Robot Interaction, specifically, adaptive admittance control using machine learning for human intention recognition. Since September 2020 I am also an AI fellow in the KUIS AI Center. Currently, I am looking for careers in such fields as AI, ML and robotics, as well as Mechatronics and Computer Vision. I am also looking for research-based Ph.D. positions in said fields.