"It is all about progress, 

not perfection."

Pouya Pourakbarian Niaz


I am an M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Koç University, Istanbul. I was a research and teaching assistant at Koc University, receiving a full scholarship for my studies from TUBITAK and later from the KUIS AI Center, in which I was a graduate research fellow.

My M.Sc. thesis involved Robotics and AI and was about using machine learning to reduce human effort while maximizing efficiency and stability in human-robot collaborative tasks involving contact with stiff environments.

My dream is to use modern technology and methods, such as ML, AI, Robotics, Control, etc. to help mankind by building intelligent systems that can assist people and industries in improving quality or maximizing efficiency. My general areas of interest span Artificial Intelligence, Robotics/Mechatronics, Human-Machine Interaction, and so forth.

I am forever open to suggestions, criticism, comments and remarks, questions, challenges, and ideas.

I strongly cherish cooperation in scientific, academic, and extracurricular projects, cooperation for job and business, cooperation for experimental studies, and anything that can help me be useful and become a part of something bigger than myself. If you have anything useful that might require my help or assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.